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State Supreme Court

Not that this paper would mention it, but the state supreme court made a major ruling this week overturning the state court of appeals rulings on how the law allows for two levels of defense in court proceedings when medical marijuana patients or caregivers are prosecuted. As a result their pettiness the prosecutors and police were charging otherwise inocent cardholders. This was a major blow to the attorney generals jihad on legal marijuana users in MI. Bill Schuette and his rabid prosecutors have been put on notice. Hats off the the state supreme court for respecting the voter initiative law and for!!! As crazy as it may seem, up to now anyone seen in violation of prop one could not even mention the term medical marijuana in court. So if you were raided, a drug task force member could and did mess with the evidence at the "crime scene" to not only convict otherwise inocent people, but even not allow for their defense. Crazy, eh? shredder


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