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Can't Blame Them For Tax Laws

Mr. Stephne Fletcher's article of 14 January is right on, straight and to the point. I couldn't agree more. People like Buffet are purposely misleading the voters just to get votes. HE, if anyone, knows the difference between 'earned income' and 'unearned income'. He is taking advantage of those who do not know the difference. (BTW,this is why we need better education in our school system). I would like to know of Buffett's secretary's earned income and unearned income i.e., her tax reporting. We ALL take deductions from our earned income. Some people call these things "loopholes". In my opinion, this is a derogatory term for legal tax deductions that we ALL take. We ALL have the opportunity in this country to maximize our earned income. If we want to take advantage of the 'unearned income' tax law, then we must risk our saved income and build a company that will then hire employees.


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