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4 hours ago.
by rshill7

Letters To Ed :-)

"We've been duped by the Republicans. Kentucky Sen. and minority leader Mitch McConnell in a news conference one day after the election, stated that the single and sole goal of the GOP over the next two years is: to make Barack Obama a single term president. What an arrogant and obnoxious goal and statement. There agenda before the election was to get votes by promising that there first goals were jobs, the economy and health care reform. It seems their goal is to grab power, not to do things for the people that are in need of jobs and or unemployment pay, health care for those that don't have it, and the people losing their homes. This is the same party that wanted the auto plants and their suppliers to go out of business. We are just coming back from what they did to this country, and now we have them back to do the same things to our country again. What a mess the next two years is going to bring to this country. Talk about partisanship." Carl D. Leow Rogers Cit


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And stupid rhymes with cupid.

Posted 4 hours ago.

Hey, Flat Earther rhymes with Birther.

Posted 6 hours ago.

But there are people who believe the warmest June on record is a political issue. We call them Flat Earthers.

Posted 7 hours ago.

I just believe in statistics.

Posted 7 hours ago.


However, when it comes to the weather, Jax lives the flipside of that stupid coin.

Afraid of things that ain't, blind to things that are. A glimmering jewel of stupidity, and that's how the left likes their constituents.

Dumb, doped, and duped as heck.

Posted 9 hours ago.

Good article www(dot)weather(dot)com/news/science/environment/june-2014-worlds-record-hottest-warmest-june-noaa-20140721

Posted 10 hours ago.


I know, you're the proverbial frog sitting in a pot of water on the stove. Endlessly trusting the temperature-cranking stove operator till you're well-done frog meat. Your "too late" alarm never kicking in, because you were too*****dumb to ever set it.

A dog on a chain that neither sees nor minds it. "Thinking" everyone should have a chain around they're neck too, whether they can see it or not.

Posted 12 hours ago.

RS, Reynolds called, your tin foil hat is ready. We've talked a number of times about living your life in paranoid fear. I choose not to, you choose to cower in your home. Please advise if your ilk is going to make a run on duct tape and plastic, as I have a painting project and last time you panicked I went to Home Depot and they were wiped out.

Posted 13 hours ago.


We do not need a "harbinger" of a police state when we are already in the midst of it. You will never see anything coming which is already here.

Your blindness, deafness, and dumbness is not a harbinger of your stupidity, but a signpost pointing to it.

Posted 21 hours ago.


Hey, where's the usual Sunday morning Christian bashing ministry by Lame-us?

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

1. Laminin

2. Kinesin

Google 'em. Check out the structure of them and watch a 3-D animation of how they function.

We have both at PolitiBrew(dotcom)

One "simple" cell is exponentially more complex than LaFarge, while tinier than the point of a hatpin.

Posted 2 days ago.


Facts are too stubborn to die.

Progville is where lies go to live, and history goes to die.

Posted 3 days ago.

Free: Find yourself in a police state.

I guarantee I will never, ever be so paranoid as to think this IRS major major scandal is the harbinger of a police state. Just for kicks watch "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and the logic used to determine how a woman is a witch, and you can follow the Got Oatmeal Poop's logic.

Posted 3 days ago.

True about PolitiBrew Norman. They want a warm fuzzy place where their own ilk can go and make their bumper sticker comments. If a progressive posts there, the ideas aren't challenged, the poster is challenged. Every right wing cliché ever imagined is found there. It is where facts go to die.

Posted 3 days ago.

Hang in there Free. You might get one indictment or conviction from the major major IRS scandal.

Posted 3 days ago.


freeman...Can an omnipotent god create a rock so big he can't lift it?

Posted 3 days ago.


P.S. Give your mom a hug from the "Freeman".

Posted 5 days ago.


The hearing was subsequently cancelled because the relevant witnesses claimed "immunity".

Plead the 5th, claim immunity, crashed hard drives,,,, Yep there are complete "investigations" being done. What a joke.

DOJ is "investigating" the crashed drives and they are also FINALLY going to sit down with some of the complainants. You'd better wake up jaxspp or you're going to find yourself in a police state with your nads in an IRS VICE.

Posted 5 days ago.


"...Headline re: IRS "major, major scandal" - "Darrell Issa Abruptly Ends Hearing Before Witness Can Debunk His White House Attacks".."

Again, contextually challenged jaxspp regurgitates a youtube tag and calls it news.

The White House has claimed "immunity" from compulsory testimony from relevant staffers.

The same Bush staffers who the democrats investigated for 2 YEARS under Rep. Waxman.

Do you pay attention at all? The world wonders.

Posted 5 days ago.


"...No one cares about the crashed drives, as they pertain to some Koch Brothers 501c applications which were ultimately approved..."

DOJ is now investigating the crashed drives, Lois's and her former co-worker at the FEC.

There are over 160 groups still waiting for even a denial let alone an approval. 1 progressive group was denied. All others have an approval or denial.

You don't seem to have all the facts jaxspp. Do some more digging and I think you'll be a bit surprised.

Posted 5 days ago.


How you can call it a closed forum I don't know. Anyone with a Disqus account can post there. I will only remove a post if it is *****graphic, or ridiculously violent.

I haven't removed anyone's post so far since inception.

Posted 5 days ago.

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