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227 days ago.
by jaxspp

Letters To Ed :-)

"We've been duped by the Republicans. Kentucky Sen. and minority leader Mitch McConnell in a news conference one day after the election, stated that the single and sole goal of the GOP over the next two years is: to make Barack Obama a single term president. What an arrogant and obnoxious goal and statement. There agenda before the election was to get votes by promising that there first goals were jobs, the economy and health care reform. It seems their goal is to grab power, not to do things for the people that are in need of jobs and or unemployment pay, health care for those that don't have it, and the people losing their homes. This is the same party that wanted the auto plants and their suppliers to go out of business. We are just coming back from what they did to this country, and now we have them back to do the same things to our country again. What a mess the next two years is going to bring to this country. Talk about partisanship." Carl D. Leow Rogers Cit


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Yes it's like the Chrislicans are trying to pretend Bush was never a president. They deny dead and gravity (Jesus the flying undead guy) so it's not surprising they deny the Bush mess belongs to republicans.

If the christians understood evolution they would stop killing themselves. There is no empirical evidence to suggest an invisible soul thingie exists.

Posted 821 days ago.


I'm not wrong. Ever get weary of being stupid?

What does one say in the hearing of the surviving family of a guy who just died, regardless of how or at whose hand? Do you say he's in*****right now, looking up at all of us while in perpetual pain, such as you, Normuppet and Am-ass will experience?

You probably would, but then you're not human. McDaniels is just better than you.

What's wrong with photographing someone? Would you expect to go to jail for photographing someone?

I wouldn't expect my business to be annihilated by a government seeking to quash every Dupont competitor either. I guess I didn't grease democrap palms enough...or at all.

They did, and hence, got the government to do their bidding for them. That's also known as fascism, you stupid freak.

Which government regulation are you breaking this very moment? Do you have a copy of the Federal register? No, because it would fill your garage, if you have a garage.


Posted 822 days ago.

You ever get weary of being wrong?

Posted 822 days ago.

"In a statement Friday, McDaniel, who has denied any connection to the photos, praised Mayfield.

"Regardless of recent allegations made against his character, Mark Mayfield was a fine Christian man who was always respectful and kind. He was one of the most polite and humble men I've ever met in politics. He was a loving husband, father, a pillar of his community, and he will be missed. We are saddened by his loss, and we send our thoughts and prayers to his wife, his family and friends," McDaniel said"

I'm sorry the Tea Party influence corrupted this "fine Christian man".

Posted 822 days ago.

Smaller Government.

Lower taxes, smaller government" "I want perpetual war, but I don't want to pay for it. Where did this road come from that I'm driving on, anyway?"

Posted 822 days ago.

USA Today: "Local police have confirmed a report in The (Jackson, Miss.) Clarion-Ledger that attorney Mark Mayfield, vice chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party, committed suicide. Mayfield was one of three men charged with conspiring to photograph U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran's bedridden wife in her nursing home and create a political video against Cochran."

Posted 822 days ago.


Christians don't kill themselves. Either he was not a Christian, or he didn't kill himself.

The Tea Party stands for lower taxes, smaller government, and abiding by the Constitution as written.

Only a group of communist freaks would have problems with that. He (the suicide guy) sounds like a common prostitute to me, as many lawyers are, like ex-lawyer Obama. Willing to do anything for anyone for a this case though, where are the charges against any Tea Party group or against Chris McDaniel?

Would you like to be painted with every Occupy act? Tea Party groups have a nationwide pristine reputation. I don't think this MS guy was a Tea Party member, or a Christian.

I still think you're a fool though. Will probably always be one. You've got zero reasoning ability, and even less class.

If you're looking for evil, consult a mirror.

Posted 823 days ago.


Evil just loves it when people die. They celebrate death, they wish it upon others they disagree with, and they vote for the party of well over 50 million unborn baby deaths. Why the love of death?

Evil, that's why.

Here's a little on Bill Ayers, Obama's friend, from whose living room O' began his political career.

"In an interview published in 1995, Ayers characterized his political beliefs at that time and in the 1960s and 1970s: "I am a radical, Leftist, small 'c' communist ...[Laughs] Maybe I'm the last communist who is willing to admit it. [Laughs] We have always been small 'c' communists in the sense that we were never in the Communist party and never Stalinists. The ethics of communism still appeal to me. I don't like Lenin as much as the early Marx. I also like Henry David Thoreau, Mother Jones and Jane Addams."

This is the world of Jaxolantern, Normarxism, and evil itself.

Posted 823 days ago.

Nice of that Mississippi Tea Party hack to off himself. Tea Party to the end, saved taxpayers a lot of money by not having to prosecute him. What he was going to do with Cochran's disabled wife's pictures, but hopefully his suicide quelled the evil in his heart.

Posted 823 days ago.


Well, thank you stupids on steroids. You're both just too dumb to deal with. Not a functioning brain cell between you. If there were you could split it and call it cellular fission, though no energy at all would issue forth from the act.

Why not put your heads together and call it skullduggery fusion...oh, been there done that? Congrats, I now pronounce you dumb and dumber.

Where's Hackville? With a few short years of tutelage under it's wing you could both graduate to the intellectual level of duck droppings.

Posted 823 days ago.

I've looked at the site several times now, and all you see is silliness. A big thing about the Supreme Court nulling Obama appointees. That was a narrow ruling involving 3 NLRB appointees, who are just going to be re-appointed and confirmed by the Senate since they don't need 60 votes to stop debate.

And the 1st quarter economy, which, if investors were concerned, there would have been a Bush-like collapse of the markets. Everyone gets what happened, probably even Freeman.

Posted 823 days ago.

Call for a Special Prosecutor then. Spend $50-100 million dollars. Go for it. In the end, you might get Lois Lerner. Well worth the money, time and effort, don't you think?

Posted 823 days ago.


Dead civilians and American soldiers do not bother the Neoconservative movement much, they are more concerned with flexing their muscle (heads). The Politibrew site provides nothing in the way of 'cogent' discourse, the site merely promotes a narrow, so-called conservative (extremist Tea Party) agenda, which is harmful to America.

Posted 823 days ago.


"still blaming Bush". He says, well who does the Politibrew crowd blame for the Death and Destruction in Iraq? I read the comment from this Spicer guy, and it seemed appropriate given the post the comment was made on. Those two persons, Beck and Limpbo have been promoting MORE death and destruction with their Neoconservative views. Better they die than spread world wide hate.

Posted 823 days ago.


We have the ability to remove evil comments.

Blocked Bush out?

Yet, you're still blaming Bush? Who's administration is this anyway? And who blew the status of forces agreement? And who blew everything else?

And were I in need of explanations from anyone, I'd certainly seek those explanations from a source with more smarts than a chipmunk. You don't qualify. Although you frequently burrow, and have an affinity for nuts. A kinship really.

Posted 823 days ago.

I don't see a Michael Spicer comment on your Facebook page. I don't seem to see any comments, just a few Likes.

Posted 823 days ago.

RIP Howard Baker, one of the last decent honest Republicans. "What did the president know, and when did he know it?"

Watergate was a real scandal, Fact-Free and RS should read about it some time and learn what a real scandal is.

Picture Howard Baker reading "Green Eggs and Ham" in the Senate, and you'll realize how far the GOP has fallen.

Posted 823 days ago.

Keep going to the IRS well, Fact-free, someday it is going to be dry and you will be saying, 'What happened?'. Or maybe you won't, five years from now you will still be crawling through the desert.

RS, I tried to explain to you how gas prices work and you still haven't comprehended them, so there is no way I can explain the first quarter GDP to you.

Also, RS, unbeknownst to you, Obama followed the Bush withdrawal plan for Iraq. George W. Bush was the 43rd President of the United States. I have to remind Republicans about that because they have completely blocked him out.

Posted 823 days ago.


Today Normy (Michael Spicer of Ossineke) said on our Politibrew facebook page: "I wish these two guys would die."

He was talking about Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

How Progressive.

Posted 825 days ago.


Washington Post June 18, 2014 - "...The Insiders: Democrats should want a special prosecutor for the IRS scandal.."

You'd better get yourself informed jaxxy.

Posted 825 days ago.

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