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by amos57usa

Letters To Ed :-)

"We've been duped by the Republicans. Kentucky Sen. and minority leader Mitch McConnell in a news conference one day after the election, stated that the single and sole goal of the GOP over the next two years is: to make Barack Obama a single term president. What an arrogant and obnoxious goal and statement. There agenda before the election was to get votes by promising that there first goals were jobs, the economy and health care reform. It seems their goal is to grab power, not to do things for the people that are in need of jobs and or unemployment pay, health care for those that don't have it, and the people losing their homes. This is the same party that wanted the auto plants and their suppliers to go out of business. We are just coming back from what they did to this country, and now we have them back to do the same things to our country again. What a mess the next two years is going to bring to this country. Talk about partisanship." Carl D. Leow Rogers Cit


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We haven't even talked about small and large employer plans that are going to disappear.

Posted 541 days ago.


And this is just for starters.


C'mon boys, let's hear the talking points. Really, I need a good laugh!!

Posted 541 days ago.



2.6 Trillion Dollars

Turns out that it is a tax

10th Amendment argument struck down, mandates survives under the taxing authority.

You cannot keep your plan

You may not be able to keep your doctor

Higher premiums

Still can't enroll (phone system processes via Hub).

A whopping TWO "competitors" in Michigan.

Federal funds to expand Medicaid... that terminate in a couple years. (I'm guessing that the number of patients will not decrease).

Posted 541 days ago.


Let's recap democratic promises:

Under 1 trillion dollars.

Not a tax

Individual mandate Constitutional under 10th Amendment

If you like your plan..

If you like your doctor...

Lower premiums

Covers the uninsured..

Easy enrollment

Competition in the exchanges

"Free" money for the States to expand Medicaid

Posted 541 days ago.


I lost my insurance as of 12/31/2013 because my plan does not cover maternity care and other "basic needs" that HHS has determined that I need. Never mind the fact that my baby makin' days are long gone.

My options are to let BCBS of Michigan and Priority Health fight over who is going to sell me a plan with twice the deductible, twice the copay and coverages that I will never use for almost twice the price.

Our government at work.

Keep defending this stuff, I need a good laugh right now.

Posted 541 days ago.


20 hospitals in Maine, 9 OUT OF NETWORK!

ONE, THAT'S RIGHT ONE, insurer in the "exchange". Wow,,,,competiton defined by liberalism.

Family doctors by the tens of thousands being informed that they are "out of network". Half the hospitals in NYC, "out of network".

Big bad insurance companies are to blame,,,despite the fact that they are attempting to comply with the "law of the land".

Posted 541 days ago.


It is absolutely hilarious watching you pin-heads defend the ACA at this point.

I was right, I was right and, did I mention.... I WAS EFFIN' RIGHT!!!!!!!

I hate to say I told you so but......

The ACA is a joke. This is what happens when you write a 2000+ page law, close debate and jam it down the throats of the entire country.

You have to be blind, deaf AND stupid to take the President at his word. Anyone defending this piece of #@%* is a dupe, to be polite.

Posted 541 days ago.

RS: Takes a licking, stops ticking.

Posted 541 days ago.

More lies from RS, and I quote: "I think"

Posted 541 days ago.

Your (lies) words:

Up to 70% of NY doctors are opting out of O'commiecare.

44%. That number will drop when their income drops.

Posted 541 days ago.

Here ya go lamebrain. Not my words. How 44% became 70%, only you know. As you said, "your words", which are all lies.

NY Post **** //nypost com/2013/10/29/docs-resisting-obamacare/

A poll conducted by the New York State Medical Society finds that 44 percent of MDs said they are not participating in the nation’s new health-care plan

Posted 541 days ago.


Are YOU ready to stop beating your wife/significant other?

Posted 541 days ago.


Ready to tell us what you are yet, or are you still ashamed of it?

I think you're a racist, atheist, commie, with a mental disease.

Correct me where you think I'm wrong.

Posted 541 days ago.


How original, another conservative called a racist.

No Jaxod*ckhead, you're a racist. So is your party, always have been, perhaps always will be. Cruz Sr. is just another Christian you and your side enjoy denigrating, to no effect.

Posted 541 days ago.


I see no documentation. It's your word against mine, and your word isn't worth anything.

"New York doctors are treating ObamaCare like the plague, a new survey reveals. A poll conducted by the New York State Medical Society finds that 44 percent of MDs said they are not participating in the nation’s new health-care plan. Another 33 percent say they’re still not sure whether to become ObamaCare providers.

Only 23 percent of the 409 physicians queried said they’re taking patients who signed up through health exchanges. “This is so poorly designed that a lot of doctors are afraid to participate,” said Dr. Sam Unterricht, president of the 29,000-member organization. “There’s a lot of resistance. Doctors don’t know what they’re going to get paid" (New York Post)

Posted 541 days ago.

PS, national headlines are exposing Ted Cruz's father as a racist. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but he's perfect for the GOP.

Posted 541 days ago.

See RS, this is why you always lose. Documented facts. Like your 70% post below, you never have any. And your sources are all national jokes. You might be a hero on conservative boards, but here you have to come with game, and you have none. So copy and paste from here to your conservative sites, maybe you can impress a 16 year old girl.

Posted 541 days ago.

Here's 4 documented RS lies about me I found in 2 minutes, I'll find the other two later. RS only had to find one post to document his like and he couldn't.

A liar calling someone a liar.

"You've also made fun of my disbelief in the theory of evolution," "You've made fun of the miracles in the Bible repeatedly" "Saith he, an atheist" "That fact alone shows that you denigrate Christians all the time."

Posted 541 days ago.


If you think government is so much smarter than you, you're probably right. Most people are smarter than you.

I do not think they are smarter than me. I think government is staffed by fools. I do not want to be controlled by fools...especially, evil fools.

Ok evil fool?

Posted 541 days ago.


"Parroting stupidity will never make it true." (jaxoliar)

Then why do you do it with such reckless abandon? You haven't documented any lies I've uttered. You are simply ashamed of who and what you are. Were I the sludge and silt that thou art, I'd be horribly ashamed as well.

Everything that exits your slop-hole is a lie, just as everything that exits O's is a lie.

Suck it, sh*thead.

Posted 541 days ago.

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