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My dog came home with a conbear trap on his head.

I'm spitting mad! My 6 month old Doberman/Labrador mix came home last night around 8pm with an illegal conbear trap clamped over his head. Apparently, while out sniffing around last night he blundered into the trap. The trap clamped shut with crushing force (the spring tension of these traps are around 90 pounds). The pup panicked and was able to break the the chain holding the trap in place. These traps are designed to kill and tighten when the animal trapped in them struggles. The pressure must have been enormous. Yet, once he broke free he had the sense to come home. I met him at the door in and I was bowled over! The sight of this wire contraption contorting my puppy's face was horrifying. The trap had broken two teeth, creased his snout and put a crease across his skull. How it had not broken his jaw and crushed his skull is a miracle. The puppy sat calmly as my wife and I removed the trap and called the Vet. The puppy collapsed in shock. We covered him and tucked in som


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