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Crime and safety

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Inconsiderate & Careless

Posts: 0 - G&A Trucking for the Alpena to Gaylord mail service... Has anyone had any issues with this driver? The white truck with US Mail on the back.Please add your responses.

2033 days ago.
by NobodySpecial
My dog came home with a conbear trap on his head.

Posts: 0 - I'm spitting mad! My 6 month old Doberman/Labrador mix came home last night around 8pm with an illegal conbear trap clamped over his head.

2130 days ago.
by rshill7
Please Mr.TSA man change those filthy gloves!

Posts: 0 - I understand the need for safety at the airport and that the TSA was invented to protect the flying public.

2131 days ago.
by NobodySpecial
crime (court news)

Posts: 0 - Reading the Alpena news Saturday, I noticed a disturbing problem with crime and punishment as practiced by a local "judge". A young feller was persecuted for marihuana possession.

2151 days ago.
by rshill7
Law Enforcement Disaster Exercizes

Posts: 0 - Disaster exercises take place several times a year. Yet, no public citizens are allowed to participate, or stand by and watch.

2155 days ago.
by rshill7
Giant Scissors. Yep.

Posts: 0 - Say, I have a new theory.