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Don’t need any more regulations for vendors

February 7, 2014
The Alpena News

I see in the paper that the Alpena Downtown Development Authority wants to put togther a plan to regulate or license food trucks. It says it would like to make it fair for all???

If you are thinking to make regulations so the little guy selling strawberries, raspberries, corn, etc. can no longer sell their wares without having a license to sell. You are only hurting them and yourself. With the economy the way it is and getting worse, you want to stop our youth from making a few dollars to help with clothes for school or a family to put a little food on their tables.

We are being regulated to death by our government and you want to add to that misery. It is against the law to beg or steal but when we have a few folks who have enough energy to go out and pick some produce and bring it into Alpena you want to regulate where they can park and sell their produce. This is not Progress. While they are setting in your lot selling their wares, they also buy clothes and what else they need. I hope you will reconsider and leave well enough alone. It make it easier for folks shopping if they don't have to drive across town to some one spot to buy a few berries or corn. Also, this is only seasonal.

Delores Troupe




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