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Time for TV station to get better than Van Impe

January 18, 2013
The Alpena News

Truth is approached differently by diverse world views - reason for philosophy, experience for science, and revelation for religion. Because any lunatic can claim revelation, the world's religions have set aside ostensibly "inspired" texts by which to gage the reasonable or sane in doctrine. As any tortured reading of text can be deemed "inspired," western religious institutions built an intellectual edifice of classical learning, scholasticism, and the insights of those brilliant minds that managed to avoid being burned at the stake over twenty centuries in which the western canon worked pretty well to keep churches on an even keel. True, Luther declared reason "the devil's whore" in a moment of aberration, and our civilization indulged in a three hundred year orgy of witch burning that touched these shores briefly at Salem. But, it worked pretty well, usually. Until, that is, birth of fundamentalism at the turn of the 20th century.



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