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Same tired responses after a shooting tragedy

December 28, 2012
The Alpena News

Every time any tragedy occurs with guns, liberal legislators pull the record out, dust it off, and play it so many times you can hear the scratches. Their solution to any gun tragedy is more laws. Some of their ludicrous proposals have been, tax ammunition, serial numbers on ammo, national registration, and NYC Bloombrain's idea of suing the gun manufacturer.

The problem is not as complex as a blind man can see it. It started in the 1960s when discipline went out the window which was replaced by permissiveness thanks to Liberals which flourished then. Dr. Spock with the help of Government destroyed the family along with all order. Even today big Government is in charge of raising families. God was kicked out of schools along with morality. So now you can reap what you sew.

Our Governor just announced to the world that our schools and churches will be disarmed in "Gun Free Zones." That is as brainless as a sign "Hurricane Free Zone" on the Atlantic. When will legislators learn that criminals see laws as meaningless?

Israel in the 1980s had a terrorist attack on a school. Since then the principal down to the janitor is armed. It hasn't happened there since. The AP media suppressed the news of a school principal in some southern college that ran to his car to get his gun and stopped the killer. If the principal in Connecticut was armed, and instead of running all over warning people, took cover and shot the criminal he could have saved himself and others.

Remember the Oklahoma City fertilizer bomb and what it did? These killers can only be stopped by armed trained people on the site, and it would be an excellent deterrent if the perpetrator knew that he will meet a strong resistance.

Robert J. Colarusso




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