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GOP legislators showed their true colors

December 21, 2012
The Alpena News

Boy oh boy it didn't take but only five working days for our state GOP legislators to pass Right-To-Work-For-Less (Union Busting) law and Governor Snyder to sign it. I'm sure glad it wasn't on our dictator agenda. But he said it's about taking care of the workers and giving them freedom to make choices. Right. That's like taking a hard working person out in the middle of a lake with both hands tied behind has back and throw him in and tell him to swim to shore. I bet the Michigan voters are really sorry they turned down Proposal 2 last month. That would have stopped this law. But this will make CEOs like Dick DeVos and The Koch Brothers really happy. But they didn't stop there, our arrogant legislators have approved the new tyrannical Emergency Manager law that the voters turned down last month on Proposal 1, so our governor can still be a dictator. You can tell these neanderthals don't care about democracy or the American way but only their way.

They also passed anti-abortion bills so these geniuses can stop all abortions, even if a 12 year old girl was raped by her father or uncle or save the life of the mother. So, if these Loonies truly hold life sacred, but balance budgets by denying funding programs that feed hungry children and have access to care.

This is the most anti-democracy, anti-union, anti-voter, anti-woman, and anti-American politicians this state has ever had. May God help us.

Dennis Oldaugh




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