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More tips for driving in the winter offered

December 7, 2012
The Alpena News

Of course, the winter driving tips you have noted are well taken. In addition to these I would like to add a couple.

Please people-if you need your wipers on you need your head-lights on. You may be able to see, but you need to be seen also. this is the law in several states (Google headlights-wipers).

Please tailgaters- back off. In driver's ed class you were taught to maintain a minimum of one car length per ten miles per hour speed between vehicles. Sorry people, no matter how much you appear to want to change the laws of physics, you can't.

Two solid objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. (Google A. Einstein).

This rude, intimidating behavior can make a mess and lead to injury and much paper work. (Been there.)

Change of subject- I have seen stated several times, once recently in the News that CO2 is a poisonous gas. This of course is not true. We may have too much of it, but without it we would have no trees or outdoor green. (Google CO2).

I look forward to the Alpena News and enjoy it every day. Hats off to you people and our fine rural carrier.

William Goslee




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