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Gov’t giving cause for concern for years

November 29, 2012
The Alpena News

It would be nice if Columnists like Andrew Heller in last Saturday's (17th) News gave us a more accurate story about why the petitions to secede? Like a misguided liberal he plays the race card and blames the election as the reason.

The truth to the matter is American anger has been building like a volcano long before anybody ever heard of Obama. I'm limited to mention a few reasons. It was several months ago that Washington handed over several million dollars of our money to Egypt to help them form a type of Democratic Government. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg visit was to advise them. Her advice was not to follow the U.S. Constitution? If she does not recognize the country's Constitution, why is she still on the highest court? Not a peep of protest from Congress.

Liberal H. Clinton committed treason by signing a gun ban treaty with the infamous U.N. years ago. Ambassador Jim Bolton told them "No because we have a Constitution." It appears that treason, oath of office, patriotism and morality are old fashioned, obsolete, and laughable.

Other reasons for anger are expanding bigger government, over-regulation, intrusion in many domestic and foreign affairs, the exclusion of God from our schools, money, and everyday lives which is against our customs and traditions. Foreign aid is another which is un-Constitutional and is draining our treasury with billions going down rat holes all over this planet. Our domestic needs get less attention if any, than some foreign "friend of politicians."

Many lawful resolutions voted in by the majority of voters were rescinded by Federal Judges as un-Constitutional while the matter is not even in the Constitution like the same sex marriage and affirmative action in Michigan. Government by the people, eh?

Are Washington legislators doing anything about these things?

Robert Colarusso




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