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Editorial: Winter’s here, time to drive like it

November 27, 2012
The Alpena News

The first significant snowfall of the season hit parts of Northeast Michigan this past weekend, and served as a reminder that winter driving is different than summer driving. The rules are the same, but the conditions certainly not.

Speeds, stopping distances and road hazards are all different now that snow and ice are on the streets and roads.

You might believe you are a superior driver, and perhaps you are, but it's better to err on the side of caution than to wind up in a ditch or in an accident. You only have control over your own vehicle and need to rely on your fellow drivers to drive safely, just as they rely on you to do the same.

We offer these tips to help make your winter driving safer:

* slow down and give yourself extra time to reach you destination;

* limit distractions when you are in the car;

* keep all of your windows clear, not just a spot on the windshield so you can see;

* begin slowing your speed sooner as you approach stop lights and signs;

* ease on to your brakes and avoid locking them up;

* obey speed limits

* limit your time on cell phones, or better yet stay off them while driving.

This is just a short list, but by following these few simple rules you will be a safer driver and cut down on the possibility of an accident.



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