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We have been misled, time to set things right

November 15, 2012
The Alpena News

Answering Mr. Johnson's excellent questions to me in the Nov. 10 edition, I did indeed think we were misled into thinking that those of us who invested in Medicare would be taken care of. Further, we were negligent in doing the simple calculations that would show us we were wrong to trust our representatives. Medicare is a tax that was designed to cover retirees hospitalization only; that is what we paid for the cost of the ever-expanding coverage would have cost you 15 percent a year of your salary, not 2.9 percent. The rest we have borrowed, year after year.

Taking something from someone by coercion, whether by a gun or by voting, is morally reprehensible. Today we know differently. (Mr. Johnson is spot on that politicians have robbed Medicare and Social Security for years.) However, that does not make it moral for us to rob future generations - doing so only validates behavior that we see, in retrospect, in our politicians.

We further agree that Obamacare coverage of millions of uninsured who have not paid for their insurance is socialism, to put it nicely.

Where did you go wrong? The same place I did. Not checking into what our politicians actually did. Not doing the math. Voting liars (from both parties) into office because that is the easy thing to do. The question I hope you're asking is "what do I do now"? You don't make the same mistake. Write to your politicians, show up at the candidates forums with the same hard questions you write to your community. If our politicians continue to tax us without representing us, well then we are back in the same place we were 240 years ago. And if Americans still are Americans, the result will be the extraordinary.

Allan Frank




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