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It’s not extreme to honor what made this country

November 15, 2012
The Alpena News

It is too bad that Andrew Heller has to continue the divisiveness which Pres. Obama used during the presidential campaign. Heller accuses Tea Party people of extremism. However, he does not specify what it is about them that is extreme. What is extreme about wanting your president and congress to abide by the U.S. Constitution? What is extreme about opposing taxing the rich at a higher rate just because they are rich? What is extreme about not wanting your government to take your money and giving it to others, especially to projects which are destined to fail from day one, Solyndra, e.g.? What is extreme about wanting freedom of religion, freedom of speech? What is extreme about wanting the federal government to keep its hands off our legally possessed and legally carried firearms? What is extreme about not wanting the federal government telling us what kind of health care we can have under Obamacare? What is extreme about wanting freedom and liberty in general? What is extreme about not wanting a million unborn babies to be slaughtered every year? What is extreme about not wanting people's vote to be purchased by federal hand outs? What is extreme about being patriotic and love of our country above all others? What is extreme about honoring Old Glory when some on the left feel they have to burn it to express their perverted sense of freedom of speech? These are what Tea Party people stand for.

What is extreme is that liberals like Heller think that the above is extremism. What is extreme is Pres. Obama running rough shod over the rule of law and governing by executive orders.

Earl W. Elowsky




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