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Voucher system not good for health care

October 31, 2012
The Alpena News

"Trust me. I'm a doctor." Ever heard that one? Well, in the case of Dr. Dan Beneshek, don't believe it. The Republican voucher plan that he supports will make health care virtually unaffordable for our children and grandchildren when they retire. It's "carte blanche" for insurance companies to slowly (or quickly) raise their rates beyond what middle income retirees can afford. Do you really believe that the value of the vouchers will keep up with insurance premium increases? If they did, they would cost far more than Medicare as we know it would cost. Of course, by then we will probably have a Democratic Congress for the Republicans to blame.

The other "Grand Plan," turn all control of Medicaid dollars and benefits over to the states. There would be no nationally standardized benefits. There are already large discrepancies in the optional benefits provided by various states. Those discrepancies would become huge if miserly states could provide the worst possible benefits. Either all states would follow suit depriving the poor and disabled of even the most basic care, or that population would relocate to states that had the will to provide comprehensive health care, which of course would eventually force those states to cut back benefits too.

Both of these mean spirited plans put the health of retirees, the poor and disabled at risk.

Judy Hutchins




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