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Republican have put themselves into a box

October 30, 2012
The Alpena News

Have you ever taken your pet to the vet? Well you have to get some kind of a box with a handle on it to transport your pet.

The pet always looks scared and doesn't quite know what to do on that first trip. That is the same look that Republicans have now.

One Republican has a daughter that is a school teacher, another has a parent that is a retired auto worker, another has a brother that is a firefighter, another has a sister that is a nurse, another has a spouse that is a police officer and another works as a Union plumber.

Now how do these Republicans get out of this box they have created for themselves. They know the Republicans have turned their backs on school teachers, retirees, firefighters, auto workers, health care workers and all skilled tradesmen. These Republicans know that since Obama became President that their 401(k) has doubled in value, they know that the country is creating jobs instead of losing 800,000 per month which the country was doing when Obama took office, but Geez they just don't like him even though they don't know why they don't like him.

They know that if we go to a voucher system on Medicare that the voucher will be worth less and less as years go by. They now know that had we gone to privatizing Social Security when George W was in office that their family would probably be standing in a bread line now.. They are still in that box not knowing whether to vote for their family by voting against Republicans or just voting Republican anyway and to heck with the family. I'm glad I'm not a Republican in a box.

Don Franklin




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