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Obama right person to correct economy

October 29, 2012
The Alpena News

When Barack Obama was first elected president, I felt sorry for him. Coming into office faced with this huge debt 1.1 trillion. These huge Bush tax breaks still in place. Insufficient money coming in to run the country. These huge tax breaks were to expire in 2010. But with the recession caused by the huge debt, a lot of people were unemployed and their unemployment checks were running out.

President Obama being a good decent compassionate man, wanted to give these unemployed people an extension on their checks. But he had to deal with the Republicans in Congress and they said absolutely not. the country is deep in "a debt which they created" and we cannot give them an extension. The only way the president could get them an extension is if he agreed to extend the huge tax breaks for the big corporations and the wealthy.

As a result, these tax breaks are still in place and the Republicans want to make them permanent. Had these tax breaks expired in 2010, our recovery would have been much better.

Our tax system has to be brought back to its normal state. Bill Clinton has done it and I know President Obama will do it also.

You can't operate a country on hot air and that's what the Republicans are offering us.

Mark Misiak




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