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Community deserves role in making it great

October 28, 2012
The Alpena News

Hey, you "folks" on the other side of the recall, yes, you. Stand up and be counted and recognized for all the time and effort you have put into shaping Alpena and it' future, 10 years and on to another 10. Don't be afraid. Your message is an honest one. It's your messengers who are flawed and inflammatory.

The "Journey to the Sanctuary of Success" is a long one, but you persevere. You assume that yours is the only road on that "journey." Indeed there are many roads, some less traveled, some high, some low. The destination is the same. However, the process is as important as the outcome. If I am being led down a road, I want to know where I am going.

This town is indeed moving forward ... in spite of you. But keep trying. Remember, it is the people in this community that make it what it is. Come down from your ivory towers and feel the pulse and the heartbeat of the community and in the process trade your theories for rationale and your ideologies for reality. You don't create success, people do.

Why must you hide behind closed doors, refusing to share your secret mission, vision and direction? If your blueprint is so exceptional and your plans for rebuilding and rebranding this community are so "awesome" why not share them. We the people want to be part of the solution. How much more could be accomplished with the whole community working for a common goal. Synergy.

You are dividing this town with your secrecy and you are an underlying factor in the recall. The community is waiting to be enlightened.

Anne Fletcher




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