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Stabenow not best source on financial matters

October 26, 2012
The Alpena News

Stabenow and green energy venture capital.

It is no secret that President Obama and green-energy supporters foray into venture capitalism has not gone well. But the government is giving venture capital a bad name.

Hundreds of companies in the U.S.A. have been started by receiving money from a venture capitalist. The process is very straight forward: identify a project, make a business plan, look for money. If the plan is good there is money available through private investors.

Or the other way is to come up with a shaky project that cannot get money from the private sector and go to the government for funding. If it is a green project get help from Michigan's Senator Stabenow. She and her boss in Washington love everything about green energy. .

Maybe this can be called a loan but most of the green projects so far have ended up as losses to the U.S. Taxpayers. So they are handouts. Millions are lost but where does the money go. For sure executives of the bankrupt companies are not living in the poor house and have probably not filed for personal bankruptcy...

On a list of 34 green companies that have received billions of taxpayer dollars to get a green business started 19 are already in bankruptcy and the others are teetering on the financial cliff.

On Debbie's website she champions the cause of green energy and makes herself available to assist people to get through the nasty government mess of getting money for your project. She has ventured off into funding areas that really help the government impose control over the energy production of our country.

Senator Stabenow is on the budget committee. There has been no budget for over three years.

We the people question Debbie's judgment on any financial matter.

Bob Lamb




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