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No substantiated reason to support recall

October 26, 2012
The Alpena News

With the recall of two council members and our Mayor less than a couple of weeks away I feel compelled to point out that the ballot issue regarding the three individuals is nothing more than an allegation that is unproven by any facts brought forth. The petitioners have made assumptions regarding the release of Mr. Thad Taylor with no regard to having shown us supported facts. I do not believe speculation regarding what they believe occurred is reason enough to remove someone from an elected office. Only substantiated proof should be reason enough to support these recalls.

You may say that that the three elected individuals were asked to release their e-mails.

The two companies involved have no vested interest in this issue and should not be required or pushed into providing their business information. In one case the individual works for a bank and not one of us would be very happy if they released information that may involve our finances.

It is apparent from the facts provided to date that there is not adequate information to recall any of these individuals, and therefore, I encourage you to vote against each of the recalls. We need to be a community that resolves its issues and not fall victim to the national malaise that has taken over Washington.

Jere Doyle




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