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Alpena recall boils down to dirty politics

October 25, 2012
The Alpena News

I have expressed my opinion regarding the current recall mess only to be told by some city residents to butt out. However, it's clear to me that a healthy, vibrant and economically strong city benefits all county residents. What I see going on now can shatter that for years to come.

Despite all the accusations by recall leader Cindy Johnson none have been substantiated. No proof has been found or presented. We have heard the rumors and read about the conspiracies but again there has been no evidence of any violation of the Open Meetings Act or city charter by Mayor Waligora or councilmen Nunnely and Karshnick simply because there was no violation of either. The recall supporters might not like the decision to terminate Thad Taylor's contract but that hardly rises to the level of a recall.

Here is what is interesting - the only person who has admitted to violations of both the OMA and city charter is Shawn Sexton. He did, in fact, leave a closed session and tell the media what was going on in the meeting (OMA violation) and left the meeting without voting without permission (city charter violation) now if the law applies to one person it must apply to all. However, the recall people think Sexton is somehow about the law. Shouldn't all elected officials be held to the same standard?

This issue has divided the city. It has created more harm than good but the real problem is this issue has nothing to do with Mr. Taylor - its just plain old dirty small town politics at its worst. I can respect political differences but it has become a nasty personal attack on three good men who have served this city well.

Susanne Christensen

Alpena County




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