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Letter was misguided and filled with gibberish

October 24, 2012
The Alpena News

The recent submission by Barry Halleck was, by far, the most misguided bunch of gibberish I have ever read. Mr. Halleck must possess ESP ... as he continually refers to "could have" - "would have" ... I wonder if he actually knows.

His misguided statement that Obama's policies have kept us out of a great depression is ... well ... just that ... a misguided statement. We are in the deepest debt this country has ever known; gas prices hovering at $4/gallon; unemployment in double-digit figures; forced health care looming (like a socialistic regime); and Obama's continual ignorance of our Constitution has made this great country cower in fear of four more years of his "agenda."

Add another "Trillion dollar" budget deficit; missed intel meetings; wild spending sprees; and blatantly ignoring our National Anthem ... and you've got yourself a real "ego-enhancing" maniac at the helm.

And what actually did Obama inherit from Bush? Gas at $2; unemployment at 7.8 percent and a trade balance that was the fairest we've ever known.

So, Mr. Halleck, unless your crystal ball knows something that proves the facts between the Bush/Obama era wrong, I suggest you keep your gibberish for those of a more attentive audience.

James Orr




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