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Democrats will do better job represent the people

October 24, 2012
The Alpena News

If you tend to vote Republican, this letter is guaranteed to cure that problem.

You already know that Congressman Benishek is on record favoring "privatizing" and even "phasing out" Social Security and Medicare. (See

At the State level, Republicans cut over a billion dollars from schools for 2011, to give corporations a big tax break. (The average school district had its per pupil funding reduced by $470 last year.)

Now for the big April, 2013 surprise. You are going to paying much more in Michigan income taxes next year. Michigan Public Act 38 starts for tax year 2012. In July, 2011, the bipartisan House Fiscal Agency estimated the impact of this Republican change on 2012-13 revenues.

Indeed, for tax years 2012-13, our personal income tax payments will go up almost $2 billion.

Why? Well Repubs cut business taxes big time in PA 39-40. Michigan business tax revenues from Walmart and other companies are going down even more over than $2 billion over the same two years.

It's the same sort of redistribution to corporations and the 1 precent started by Reagan and Bush II and now promised under the Romney/Ryan budget plan.

Here are two examples :

A married couple with two kids and a household income of $55,000 will pay an additional $739 next April. How about a retired couple born after 1952, with a pension of $48,000 and a total household income of $53,000. They will pay an extra $3,130 under the Republican state income tax increase.

Now that you know the facts, you can return to the Democratic Party and elect someone who represents real people on Nov. 6.

Leonard Page




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