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Voting yes on Proposal 2 the right thing to do

October 19, 2012
The Alpena News

Are you as frustrated as I am when viewing the campaign lies about Proposal 2? You know the one that says your child's teacher gets five chances to come to school intoxicated before his employer can reprimand him. The one which says teachers and bus drivers with criminal records could be hired. The one about school bus safety standards could be bargained away under Proposal 2. Reality: All school employees are required to receive background checks by the FBI. Proposal 2 doesn't change that. If an employee of a public school is charged with a crime, disclosure to the Superintendent of the district is required under the Pupil Protection Act. Proposal 2 doesn't change that. If a school employee is convicted of a crime, the due process and legal prosecution is not affected by Proposal 2. The claim about eliminating safety standards for school bus drivers is also false. Federal and State law make clear that labor organizations cannot bargain about the licensing requirements under federal and state law.

What does this proposal do? It guarantees that workers and management will have the right to sit down and work out agreements covering wages, hours, and working conditions. That is workers are not simply given the authority to single handedly raise their wages or improve their working conditions. These agreements would be the result of negotiations between labor and the employer, such as business owners or school boards.

If Proposal 2 passes, Michigan would be a pro collective bargaining state. In such states the average worker wage is $5,300 higher, 21 percent more of the workers have health insurance, and there are 51 percent fewer workplace accidents than in anti collective bargaining states. Get past the fear campaign and do what is best for all Michigan residents. Vote yes.

Robert Kennedy




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