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If you want more bad policy, vote Democratic

October 17, 2012
The Alpena News

In reply to Mr. Oldaugh's statement on Friday, Oct. 5, you fail to mention Obama's bailout of GM which cost 20,000 Delphi workers their pension and 10,000 dealer associates and mechanics who lost their jobs because the car czars who never had anything to do with the auto industry closed their dealerships.

The $30 billion still owed by GM to the Feds you must consider a drop in the bucket since you consider it "their money." You didn't say one word about the thousands of good jobs created as a result of the Bain Capital operation.

You mention the health care (Obamacare) but fail to say how it guts Medicare by 716 billion so seniors on Medicare can have their co-pay increased. So it is a fact that health care costs have increased because of Obamacare system-consult with AARP.

You also fail to mention the 50 billion Obama threw out the window on green energy companies who went bankrupt. It is a known fact that all the countries who have tried wind and solar power as their primary source have abandoned it because it doesn't work, he believes he is a deity and we're stupid.

Yes, if you want four more years of idiocy, lying, and runaway spending, vote Democratic.

Lawrence M. Forster




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