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Believe in community’s ability to come together

October 16, 2012
The Alpena News

Saturday's Local Viewpoint in the News has many things we agree with. But they've painted all with a broad brush and assume everyone is behaving badly. The manure was spread since summer ... did that smell start once the Recall paperwork was filed? If so it gives a pass to the actions of Council in April that set in motion the events that led to the Recall.

We can honestly say that our grassroots Recall committee (made up of five nonpoliticians) has presented the facts with the paperwork to back it up. If that's embarrassing to the community it is the leadership that needs to change, for it's their behavior we report on.

Alpena deserves better.

The Recall finds itself in the middle of a political faction in the community that has been feuding for years. They're now using the Recall as a conduit to battle. We keep plugging through and keep the Recall to facts. We cannot control what others do and ultimately they're responsible for their own actions. The News doesn't give the residents of Alpena credit for their ability to sort through the bull crap. We thank the voters regardless of what side they support that they care enough to participate.

We have kept the conversation civil and will continue to the election to behave in a manner which is becoming to our cause.

Our supporters have been subjected to many personal attacks but we haven't complained or lost sight of our mission, which is to present the truth and give voters a voice in their local government. We find no shame or smell in democracy at work.

The News has little faith the community can sort out the bull crap, vote and move on.

We have faith.

Cindy Johnson




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