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We need McDowell, Obama to move forward

October 12, 2012
The Alpena News

A bite of reality; we could have fallen into a Great Depression, but Obama's policies kept us out of that problematic situation.

The Bush Jr. administration put us in the recession in the first place, after he was given a surplus by Clinton.

The tax cut trickledown theory for the wealthy does not work, even Reagan understood that to the point he had to raise taxes 10 times because of a 10.8 percent unemployment rating.

The unemployment rate at this time is 7.8 percent, even after two wars, the housing bubble burst, and collapse of large banks and the stimulus for the auto industry.

Yes, it took four years to climb out of this mess, but the Congress we have now with the Tea Party wall of "just say no" without compromising, putting us in a double HA rating, did not help matters.

The Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney economic policies of more tax cuts for the wealthy, cutting entitlements and labeling 47 percent of Americans as moochers, anyone receiving a government check or aid, seniors, veterans, the disabled, the unemployed, and those on food stamps.

True Christian Values, as written in St. James Gospels Second reading: those who hoard their wealth and live only for themselves will be condemned, But Jesus assures us that all who give of themselves for his sake will be rewarded.

If Mitt Romney was president today, we would be in a depression, not recovering from a recession.

I guess Big Bird will be on the Romney Thanksgiving table.

Vote for a blue collar farmer, Gary McDowell, not a fillabustering Tea Party man like Dr. Benishek.

Let's keep moving forward with compassion, Obama for the middle class, students, and those in need.

Your options a flip flopper Romney gutting the middle class-unfair tax codes.

Barry Halleck




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