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Council blew opportunity during meeting

October 11, 2012
The Alpena News

At the city council meeting on Oct. 1 we were able to witness a demonstration of the meaning of getting thrown under the bus. Dave Karschnick made a perfectly valid motion to censure Shawn Sexton. What ensued was close to being a 60s love in. The mayor and all of the council had an opportunity to speak and each in his own way said Shawn did a naughty thing by using foul language but this has to be put into the context of the passion he brings to his council seat. Give me a break. The man is a liberal bully.

This drama played to a full house. It was certainly the most excitement of this particular Monday evening. Every seat was filled and mostly with Sexton supporters. This probably served to further intimidate the council members who are facing recall. It was simple to look in the assembled and assume the recall is going to go badly for those in question. Of course there are other voters than those summoned to give moral support to Sexton.

The critical issue in all of this is the councilmen showed their true colors. There was a real opportunity to make a statement about what the new council stands for and instead they slid back into the old do-no-good malaise. The council deserves credit, they did honor the Breast Cancer Awareness group, listened to a summary of the activities of Target Alpena and give the interim City Manager an extension leading to a pay raise, oh and they also approved the minutes of the previous meeting.

Backbone is as important in city council chambers as it is anywhere. We hope Dave can scrape himself out from under the bus and continue to show the right stuff for the city of Alpena.

Bob Lamb




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