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If you want a great depression vote Repubican

October 4, 2012
The Alpena News

What years 2011 and 2012 with GOP taking over the state houses and governorships and the Tea Party GOP U.S. House of Representatives. They have not passed any laws to help the economy, but they repealed Obamacare 33 times and Women's Rights to choose.

If you want a Romney/Ryan "Road map" plan to turn Medicare into a voucher plan for seniors and cut Medicaid and turn it into a block grant for cash strapped states that push more of the costs onto those least able to afford them; the elderly, the disabled, and the dying. The Catholic Bishops decried the plan for failing to meet society's moral obligations, then you should vote for the Republicans.

If you want a one party rule with all this disenfranchisement of the elderly, poor, and minorities with this phoney I.D. laws to prevent fraud. Ha. Ha. Then vote for the Republicans.

If you like the former CEO, Chairman and owner of Bain Capital, a.k.a. Vulture Capitalism, on workers and communities and shipping jobs over seas and don't forget the corporations are people, then vote for the Republicans.

If you want to do away with public education, Pell grants, SNAP, and every other program designed to help the people, then vote for the Republicans.

If you don't want health insurance for your kids and grandkids with pre-existing conditions or any other condition, then vote for the Republicans.

If you want the rich to have more tax cuts for the very wealthy (the so called job creators) and less regulations on industry and the banking sector because those are the strategies that have destroyed the economy and ballooned the debt, then you should vote for the Republicans and maybe we'll have a great depression next time.

Dennis Oldaugh




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