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Pettalia man of integrity who does good job

October 4, 2012
The Alpena News

Unfortunately, some letter writers have learned how to write before they've learned to think. These people have found that their computer will let them say anything and by sending their computer droppings to the local media they can attract some attention. Newspapers are obligated to print this stuff because they are fair and try to present a balanced approach to all issues. Giving non-thinking contributors equal time results in letters to the editor that fail to make any sense of what they are saying.

Some of these people have willy-nilly supported the candidacy of Ken Hubbard for representative to Michigan's 106th district, because he will give them things. One writer says that Hubbard will restore public school funding. He does not bother to think that there is no money for bloated education budgets. Declines in enrollment, lower tax revenues and unwillingness to compromise on the part of unions have made the current state plan for education unworkable. As said in a Sept. 21 Alpena News column: New day of school funding is upon us. The gist of this article is that funding education, as it is, cannot be sustained. Pete Pettalia, the conservative candidate, supports education but in a package that can be paid for by our system.

Another of these writers suggested that Republicans are bullies who are snatching kid's lunches because they are pushing a fiscally responsible system of education. This same writer then goes on to attack Representative Pettalia on a personal level. He says that Representative Pettalia is giving tax breaks to his buddies which is somehow the reason education is failing. I know Peter Pettalia to be a man of integrity and even if it were possible to show favoritism he would not.

We the people support a fiscally responsible education system.

Bob Lamb




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