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Setting the record straight about Peter Pettalia

October 4, 2012
The Alpena News

Recent "Letters to the Editor" have been critical of Representative Pettalia, claiming that he is more interested in giving tax breaks to corporations than he is in assisting our schools.

When it comes to school funding, we need to remember that following passage of the stimulus in 2009, Michigan schools received $1 billion. This money is no longer available. Nor is it Pete's fault that the "School Revenue Pie" has shrunk. The two main sources of revenue to support schools are sales tax revenue and property tax revenue. We all know that home values have plummeted, resulting in reduced property tax revenue, while sales tax is down due to a poor economy. However, the biggest challenge facing schools is declining enrollment. Since the passage of Proposal A, enrollment is down 35 percent in northern Michigan. Simply put, this translates into school districts receiving 35 percent less revenue.

Peter Pettalia has been pushing hard for more funding for vocational programs from the Federal level while, at the same time, fighting to change the method of funding our educational system so that our schools can more effectively balance their budgets.

Peter Pettalia is a man of integrity who goes the extra mile to represent his constituents. He's worked hard to bring fiscal accountability back to Michigan. He's Pro-Life as well as Pro-Second Amendment. Our nation would use more politicians the caliber of Peter Pettalia.

Bob Brietzke

Rogers City



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