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Murch: Give me something to believe in

September 28, 2012
Steve Murch - Managing Editor , The Alpena News

We all have beliefs, at least I hope we all have beliefs. I guess I shouldn't be presumptuous because some people might just not care about anything.

* I believe Alpena High has had some incredible graduates. Every time they have an induction it amazes me the careers some of them have had, and are having. Talk about proof of a quality education, AHS has laid the groundwork for them to succeed. On a side note, I believe someone who has graduated from Alpena should nominate Margaret Mack. I might be biased since she has provided us with some behind the scenes looks at the past three Olympics, but she is an Emmy winner who has worked every Olympic Games since 1992 and is in demand for her skills in graphics.

* I believe in the 6-4-3 double play (or the 4-6-3 double play). When executed correctly it's a thing of beauty. And Andy Dirks might have vaulted the Detroit Tigers on the road to the playoffs by breaking up a double play and helped win Wednesday's game. It put the Tigers in a tie for first - which they now hold all by themselves with just five games to play.

* I believe everyone should check out Band of Horses, an incredibly underrated band. Seek out their music and listen to some samples. Some of you might not like them, but I'm willing to bet many of you will find their music very enjoyable. They are taking part in Global Citizen Festival today in New York's Central Park along with Neil Young, Foo Fighters, the Black Keys and K'naan. It can be viewed online beginning at 4:30 p.m. at the festival's website.

* I believe the Ryder Cup is golf's best event. It's the one time every two years that golfers, who compete individually, get to be part of a team with high-pressure stakes. There have been a ton of memorable moments the past several Ryder Cups, and this weekend should have plenty more.

* I believe in the new branding efforts for Alpena. I also believe that for it to truly be successful everyone needs to buy into. Everyone in Alpena has a stake in the town's success whether they realize it or not (or want to have a stake or not) and we need to have everyone behind the effort for it to succeed to its fullest.

* I believe November's election can't get here fast enough.

* I believe the Michigan high school football playoffs are an incredibly interesting event and I love watching the championship games on television (and the one I covered when Mio played Lawrence in 1997). However, I also believe too many titles are awarded. There are nine state champs in football (eight divisions plus the eight-man title) and only four in basketball. Yet there are more schools playing basketball than football - not to mention the other sports. I understand and appreciate why each is the way it is, but there is too much of a discrepancy. Even six division hoops titles would be better. That would give four more teams (two boys and two girls) championships.

* I believe we all have people who come into our lives who we will cherish for rest of our lives. Jessica Nikolich is one of those people for me. Today she leaves as our assistant news editor and heads to the Big Apple. Our loss is New York's gain, and I will miss her terribly. Good luck, my friend.

* I believe too many drivers don't understand that when you are making a turn at an intersection the pedestrian crossing the street you are turning on to has the right-of-way. Of course they are supposed to be using the crosswalk, which too many don't do.

* I believe that not every person is program to be nice. I've encounter or seen way too many people who never have a nice word to say. It's not as bad as Dr. Perry Cox said on "Scrubs "(trust me, it's probably impolite to print in the paper), but some people are just plain mean. Come on people, lighten up a little. Life is far to short to always be angry at the world.



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