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Get the facts before it’s time for the election

September 28, 2012
The Alpena News

With just under 40 days until the national election, you can be sure we'll be inundated with hundreds of TV commercials by both parties. A great deal of money is being spent to convince you to vote for this one or that one.

Unfortunately, all politicians tend to stretch the truth by innuendo, through omission, by taking words out of context, and worst of all, by manipulating statistics to suit their needs. It will be a confusing banquet of words, pictures, videos, with appropriate background music. The politicians are blatantly wooing you to their cause.

So how does one discern truth from fiction or outright lies?

May I suggest you inform yourself anytime you question something you hear or see, by using fact-checking sources? Here are three that might prove helpful:

Tampa Bat Times' -

Annenberg Public Policy Center's - - This is a new group which "brings truth to light through a Voters Self-Defense System so secure, independent and true, any citizen (conservative or liberal) can turn to it in absolute confidence for the facts." (Quoted from their newsletter).

I urge you to educate yourself by checking any one of these websites, should you disbelieve what you are hearing/seeing. These are tools to enable you to make sound decisions before you vote. And please vote.

Gerre Jaroch




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