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Editorial: Faces with the numbers tells the whole story

September 28, 2012
The Alpena News

No one need tell us about the economy.

Here in Northeast Michigan we've seen, experienced and lived through it all.

We've shed tears as loved ones left the area for work elsewhere. We've cringed when neighbors who worked at a job for 20 years suddenly found themselves on the short end of a downsizing mandate.

We've been excited by news of a possible power plant, and major jobs, headed our way, and we've battled depression when it's learned the window of opportunity for that same plant has passed us by.

No sir, no one needs to tell us the economy should be the focus of the presidential election this year. Frankly, we wonder out loud, why wasn't it four years ago?

There are many ways and reports to gauge the health of the economy and unfortunately, most of them have painted a dreary picture lately.

One of them is monthly unemployment numbers. Admittedly, the report has flaws and candidly, most of us are numb to it these days. Still, it is a barometer, and as such, deserves attention.

The latest numbers for August were released Thursday, and it showed the state unemployment numbers at 9.4 percent. Locally Alpena County's unemployment was 9 percent, Alcona County 11.6 percent, Montmorency 13.8 percent and Presque Isle, 11.9 percent.

It's too bad these numbers aren't faces. If they were, we expect politicians, business owners, labor leaders and community activists would view the world in a whole different way.



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