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Here are the facts on our country’s deficit

September 25, 2012
The Alpena News

The Alpena News Sept. 13 elders protesting Benishek's support of financial sanity applied to federal subsidies highlights the struggle America now faces between the generations. Here are the facts:

From the U.S. Budget Office: we spend $3.8 trillion a year, that's $1.3 trillion more than we take in. We borrow the rest. The intererest on that is now $225 billion. To put that in context, we spend $139 billion on education. Because we have been greedy in our entitlements (yes, that includes Medicare) we give China more money in interest than we spend on our children's education.

How much is a trillion? If all Christ's disciples made $1 million yearly since His birth, they wouldn't have a trillion. If Christ did the feeding of 5,000 with money, we'd have $2 trillion enough to run our country for 1.5 years.

For decades we voted into office people who promised us other people's money. Well, other people's money can no longer save Medicare.

If you took all the profits from the Fortune 500 companies, you'd have $567 billion enough to run government for 2 months. We could take 100 percent of everything made by people making $250,000 a year now we're talking- that's $1.3 trillion. That covers 2012 but now all those "rich" people are on food stamps because we've selfishly taken all their money. What about 2013? Well, there's the rich that don't work anymore, if we kill all billionaires and take everything they own, that's 1.4 trillion enough to run the government until 2014.

Without all those rich people paying taxes our deficit just became $2.1 trillion a year. And gosh, we eliminated the rich. Well, if we completely eliminate Medicare, Social Security, and Veterans we can get to the next election cycle. Who can't run in 2016?

Allan Frank




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