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Investigated the facts about the Ryan Plan

September 25, 2012
The Alpena News

In Allen Shaw's challenge to check the facts on the Ryan Plan, Benishek, and seniors, I did just that. Here's the deal - the Ryan Plan was not a bipartisan effort. Wyden's name became connected with the bill when he wrote a Medicare policy paper with Ryan but ultimately voted against Ryan's budget and criticized the idea that it was bipartisan. Subsequently, the voting record on the Ryan Plan in the House was no way bipartisan; 235 Republicans voted Yea (Benishek included) 4 nay. One hundred eighty-nine (189) Democrats voted nay, no yeas. However, the Senate did vote it down on a bipartisan vote of 235 to 193, five Republicans voting nay.

So let's talk about the 700 million the Republicans say Obama "gutted" from Medicare. This 700 million was moved from the Medicare Advantage Plan (because it did not work) to the Obama Care plan to provide free regular physicals and tests and to close the donut hole in the drug program. And lest we forget, the Ryan plan also takes $700 million out of Medicare. But that money is not slated to be funneled back to seniors. Should we all guess where that money would go?

Pat Hart

Presque Isle



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