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Employers need to remember who helped them

September 21, 2012
The Alpena News

A man gives 20 years of faithful and dedicated service to one business (making rollers or something) started working for just above poverty wages for years, was never late, cared for the company and was an encourager to all.

Coworkers were comforted, consoled and encouraged by this man (he is also a chaplain). This man is loved by all who know him in the community. But sadly, when cancer came into his life friends, family and community stepped up to help - but his employer put up roadblocks.

One roadblock was that he could not remove his 401(k) without penalty so he didn't have to live in poverty as he went through his long and hard treatment ordeal. He was actually forced to be reviewed by psychiatrists (multiple times) all trying to trick him into saying "everything's fine and dandy" and getting the employer off the hook.

He was forced to hire a lawyer and now two years later, still struggling to make it.

He is now cancer free but not free from the effects of the treatment and the concerns.

The Point: A "Community" comes together, pulls together, encourages and uplifts for the betterment of the Community. Being an employer does not let you off the hook.

Becoming a successful business was not done all alone. A lot of real people have given their time and lives, helping you get there and we are happy for your success. But remember the movie "Its a wonderful Life." In your end will you (Mr employer) be known for being Jimmy Stewart or Mr Potter?

What kind of talk goes around in your shop? Are your employees speaking blessings

or grumbling?

It's not too late, but in these times people need to know their employers honestly do care and appreciate them too.

Ron Scott




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