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Take a look at character before casting vote

September 20, 2012
The Alpena News

I hope persons old enough to vote are also capable of thinking logically. Which political party do you wish to vote for? I hope you can say neither because you are open minded and will vote for the best candidate.

Democrats have the only attorney general (Holder) to be impeached by Congress. Former president (Clinton) was also impeached and Charles Angel, Democratic Congressman, was censured for being unethical. The man that helped start Obama's political career (Tony Rezko) and gave him a special deal buying a house, is now in federal prison. We all know about Rev. Wright. I think you know that people are judged by the company they keep. Democratic candidate Obama was a Community Organizer and also a senator but no business experience ... oh well? The economy has gone down and out debt has gone to record level during the last four years.

The Republican candidate has a reputation for being honest, dependable, very successful in business creating many new jobs working for Bain Capital, gives generously to charity, was a very successful governor in a Democratic state. Even Bill Clinton said Romney is well qualified to run for president.

Will you vote for the candidate who has proven his honesty and ability through accomplishment or the one that makes a lot of promises that he did not and cannot keep? Can you forget party and vote for the bet man?

George Greene

Presque Isle



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