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Obama won’t gas Jews, but bad for country

September 16, 2012
The Alpena News

I was surprised by the caption given my Sept. 7 letter. I feel that I should say that in no way do I think President Obama is going to put Jewish people in gas ovens.

I do, however, think that he is blind to Israel's and the Jewish people's importance in God's eyes and that all he wants from them is their vote and money.

I also believe that his socialistic agenda is focused on increasing governmental control over every aspect of American lives.

He disregards our Constitution and the rule of law by his use of "executive orders" ruling our kids' educations, the nation's oil supply, our religious beliefs, our businesses, our health care, our car, our income, and he allows amnesty for illegal aliens. Furthermore he has so many environmental restrictions that businesses cannot get off the ground to provide jobs.

Socialism has many different faces but they all start with inflaming people with social and economic needs, and then subsequently rewarding them economically until they are under leadership's control, and then exploiting their servitude.

Obama's talks and actions are calculated to keep us from focusing on our employment needs.

I am not a life long Republican. I am a former Democrat, one of the many who felt they did not leave the party, the party left them.

I think it is now time for many to face truth courageously and leave the Democratic party. The years ahead are going to be very difficult at best and we need to have our lives in God's order as fully as possible.

Rachel Miller Kowalsky




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