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Ken Hubbard the man we need in Lansing

September 16, 2012
The Alpena News

Monday 10 Sep 2012, at a town hall meeting in Alpena's American Legion building there was an AARP meeting with incumbent Rep. Peter Pettalia and Ken Hubbard, who is running for the same seat for the 106 as a Democrat. One of the issues brought up was the fact that Peter Pettalia representing the Republicans voted for cutting $1 billion from schools to pay for a massive tax break for corporate buddies on top of the tax abatements they always demand. He stated companies need better educated young people but did not vote to replace the $1 billion that the Federal government could no longer afford to give the state. With this type of perception our kids that deserve a world-class education will not receive it. I commend Ken Hubbard for supporting full funding for our local schools, kids, and their teachers.

Ken Hubbard stated that updated technology is especially important to our schools for our kids to compete in today's society. There were many senior matters brought up and left unstated by Peter Pettalia because of data he just was not informed about. Like Ken Hubbard said, taking money from our schools to give to giant corporations is like a school yard bully taking kid's lunch money. When we send someone to Lansing, we expect them to look after our children and seniors above all else. Peter Pettalia and his Republican buddies have done the opposite for years prior to him becoming our state Rep. We have lost jobs with the past tax breaks the Republicans demanded and now they want more reform also. If you agree with even a little of this letter make sure you get out and vote in November and get involved to make a difference.

Paul Wolne




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