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Romney-Ryan right ticket for our country

September 14, 2012
The Alpena News

The Tea Party Nationwide has earned a seat at the political table. The group has made a significant contribution in election of conservative candidates to state and national offices. Focus has always been expressed in local grass roots efforts. 2012 will be the group's first opportunity to participate in a national presidential election. This is not just another election for the Tea Party. This is a decisive moment for America's system of government. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will help turn the country around.

With leadership from Romney our country has the ability to make sense of the mess currently given to America by Washington.

But, it is not all about Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. It is about the country. Like a majority of citizens in the USA tea partiers feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. Mitt and Paul present an opportunity to change direction. They promise to focus on the constitution and what has made America exceptional.

Although Mitt is championing Tea Party goals of smaller government, economic freedom and personal liberty his lifestyle provides a role-model for everyone. Romney has selected a running mate in Paul Ryan who stimulates Americans to take personal control of their own situation. Ryan is what America is all about. He is much more than just talk about fixing long running economic problems. Ryan has submitted a plan that has been passed by the House of Representatives that will not only save Medicare but will make the program sustainable for future recipients. This plan also cuts spending and the budget deficit.

With Tea Party support Romney and Ryan will bring back American exceptionalism while doing away with the Obama experiment.

We the people fully approve of the Romney/Ryan plan for restoring America.

Bob Lamb




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