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This election has no moral choice for voters

September 12, 2012
The Alpena News

The Sept. 5 session of the DNC revealed the contempt of a major party establishment for the conscience of its base. See video on the Israeli magazine. Better informed Americans are turning against the bipartisan congressional support of Israel's version of "apartheid" and the armed robbery of the Palestinian population. But, the party leadership remains subservient to the AIPAC lobby's corruption of the foreign policy making process. Rather than take a simple moral stand on the illegal annexation of Jerusalem, by an ethno-supremacist state run by the worst combination of secular gangsters and religious fanatics, the establishment betrayed us to keep support of its donors. You will not see this issue positively addressed in any televised interviews with politicians. Our so-called liberal media also runs from the issue, thus revealing the need for a true "left" presence in the Democratic branch of the Plutocracy Party.

This is a dire report on the state of the party leadership, but it shows hope for the base. The mainstream media information monopoly has been challenged. Significant numbers of party members are disgusted with establishment mendacity and are calling for open discussion. Unfortunately, while it prevails, the bipartisan support of Israeli criminality deprives us of candidates we can support, as in the current senatorial race. For instance, I can no longer support or vote for Debbie Stabenow for her consistent support of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Republicans have submitted a positive moral evil of their own, and with regard to support for Israel's misdeeds, this election has become like a contest between the Gambinos and Bonannos, with no moral choice. While Democratic candidates are clearly the lesser of evils on other issues, on Israel-Palestine issues both party establishments remain strongly supportive of Israel's breaches of international law.

Bob GreenE




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