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It was Shakespeare who coined the phrase

September 7, 2012
The Alpena News

I have a personal attorney that I use for all my legal transactions. I feel he is invaluable to assist me in all legal matters. We have allowed lawyers to take over our political system. The vast majority of politicians are lawyers. Lawyers, by their career nature, are negotiators. They have a tendency to pass laws favorable to themselves and their clients. It really doesn't matter if it is good for the country as long as it fits their professional needs. This country is in dire need of Tort Reform. Tort reform is explained in several ways. It depends on " whose bull is getting gored" at to what you believe. One explanation is: Tort Reform- Refers to proposed changes in the common law civil justice system that would reduce litigation or damages.(Google Tort Reform for other explanations). Michigan has unlimited compensation for auto accidents. Guess who reaps a big share of these "unlimited" settlement costs that keep out insurance so high. It goes on and on. Because we have allowed so many lawyers to attain these positions it is probably impossible to change things because they have the voting power. We now have the foxes in charge of the hen house and they are feasting on us chickens. Lawyers are important in their field but not as politicians. Shakespeare may have said it best "The first thing you need to do is shoot all the lawyers."



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