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A cruise voucher or Medicare voucher

September 5, 2012
The Alpena News

Have you ever received one of those cruise vouchers in the mail?

Most of them are about the same. They send you a $500 voucher as a down payment on a $2,000 cruise. That is the Romney/Ryan Health plan as I see it.

They will send you a payment voucher for you to give your Doctor or Hospital and if the bill isn't covered or even close to being covered, oh well too bad. Of course you can have the Government send it directly to your provider to save you the bother. How long will it take for the Doctors and Hospitals to get wise to this system?

It's the old sales pitch where they double the price then run a 50 percent off sale.

Of course most of the providers are in favor of the coucher system because they do not wish to kill the goose that lays their golden eggs.

About six months ago I asked a Republican friend of mine to tell me one thing that the Republican Party has ever done for the middle class and he answered "I'm not sure but I'll look it up and get back to you." I'm still waiting for him to get back with me. I was going to ask him to name three things but I knew that task would be too tough for him.

I guess my friend makes over $250,000.00 per year working in a local factory because he favors Romney's tax cut plan and that's who gets cut.

P.S. I hope Republican readers don't insult my intelligence by responding that Republicans lowered middle class taxes because that bogus argument has long ago expired.

Donald A. Franklin




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