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Recall another sign of bad political process

September 5, 2012
The Alpena News

The shoddy process of recall of the Alpena mayor and two councilmen appears to be another example of how low politics has gotten in the USA. No matter what organizers of the recall petition say the bottom line is a difference of opinion about how government should function. Without going into detail about problems directly related to the fired city manager it should be pointed out that the City has procedures for making personnel changes of any type. Most changes require approval from the City Council. When an employee does not follow established procedures it is possible for the council to fire anyone - including the City Manager.

But how is all of this political? Anyone who attended meetings of the council could predict, based on politics of an issue, how each member of the council would vote. Although council seats are non-partisan everyone knows who is liberal and who is conservative. Until the last election liberals held the majority and rubber stamped most of what the city manager did. After the election, everyone who knows, knew that the balance of the council had changed. Conservatives interested in making certain Alpena stays on a fiscally responsible path became the majority.

This led to charges of all kinds by liberals against the conservative majority. Liberals have been able to gather up all those fringe politicos from the city to show their outrage over something the legally elected council legally did. At one council meeting one of these fringe politicos stood up and shouted that the conservatives on the council are bad boys. (Shouted that about 12 times) Of course this was designed to bring shame on the three in question but only brought shame to the liberal accusers.

We the people are not well served by this entire charade.

Bob Lamb




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