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Violence, murder are around us in all forms

August 10, 2012
The Alpena News

After reading Thursday Aug. 2, Lifestyles and Betty Werth's article, the "anti" is trying a different strategy. No one will deny that what happened in Aurora, Colo., was horrific. As horrific as it was, there were warning signs which people recognized prior to a mad man going on a shooting spree. There was something very wrong, which even a professional recognized with this person. However, maybe its time that doctors and psychiatrists are permitted, instead of prevented, to report these types of people to the proper authorities. I believe that there is a limit to patient/doctor confidentiality. Had there been in this case, the police may have been able to check the person and his home and this been prevented.

What Ms. Werth would rather not admit, is that many people kill other people on a daily basis with other weapons where there is total gun control. A 17-year-old in China killed nine people with a knife in one home, injuring many more. On Aug. 1 in Early, Texas, a legal gun owner saved the life of a police officer who was pinned down by a deranged person, killing the perpetrator and saving the officer's life. Yet another, when a person purchased a knife, then immediately started attacking people in the store, until a legally armed person drew his weapon and the knife wielder was forced to drop the knife.

Let us not forget what Timothy McVeigh did and what he used. Unfortunately, they walk among us every day. For myself, I'd much rather take my chances by being armed.

George Perry

Hubbard Lake



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