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Traits to look for in our elected officials

August 1, 2012
The Alpena News

The 2012 election should be about finding the right candidates.

In these times of trouble, what should we be looking for in a candidate when we go to vote on Aug. 7 (primary) and Nove. 6 (general)? There are three clear personality traits to look for in this election:

Integrity. Voters must know the candidates will do what they say they will do. Putting aside their own desires they must honor our needs to the best of their ability. Integrity is a difficult choice because the only direction comes from inside each person.

Trustworthy. Trustworthy candidates make few promises and keep the ones they make. Being trustworthy requires doing the right thing and doing things right. A trustworthy politician votes by conscience and not party ideology. Trustworthy candidates know they will be our employee and work for a common good.

Devotion. Does the candidate believe in the founding principles of our country? Real leaders must be more committed than anyone to God and Country. Single minded devotion to our goals is needed. The candidate must show a devotion to the constitution as written and not as it has been liberally interpreted.

Normally it is not a good idea to base candidate choice on personality traits but this election is all about the essence of our country. The people we will elect must represent our heart and soul.

By electing persons to office who have integrity, who we feel are trustworthy and are devoted We the People can reclaim our country. At the same time we will get back a smaller government, economic freedom and personal liberty.

This election more than others will decide the future of the country. Study the candidates and issues carefully. Only then will you be able to make the right choice. Our future depends on it.

Bob Lamb




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