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League of Women Voters, governor wrong

July 31, 2012
The Alpena News

In the Alpena News 7/23/12 edition, Marie Gilmet-Dully, President of League of Women Voters Alpena County, writes that the L.O.W.V. are encouraged by Gov. Snyder's veto of SB754, SB803 and HB506. Many of us are not encouraged. These bills were an attempt by our legislature to prevent fraud and illegal voting.

Are the Governor and the L.O.W.V. not concerned with the thousands of cases of voter fraud and voter-rights' violations in our country, i.e., ACORN voter fraud, New Black Panther voter intimidation, obstruction of absentee ballots for military personnel fighting overseas, Attorney General Holder's malfeasance and failure to prosecute violators, votes by dead people and non-citizens, etc.?

Unfortunately not all individuals, groups and organizations are as ethical and honest as the L.O.W.V. regarding registrations. Michigan provides free photo ID for citizens over 65, legally blind, financially disadvantaged and those with suspended drivers licenses. Other states offer free photo ID that can be handled by mail. Interestingly, minority voting in those states that require photo ID has increased substantially and there is no evidence anywhere that minorities have been disenfranchised in any way. In fact, voting by minorities has increased substantially more in photo ID required states, than those without photo ID requirements. I find it odd that one has to provide photo ID in some instances for a library card but not to vote. Our right to vote should not be compromised by fraud. Every illegal vote cancels someone's legal vote. Wake up America.

Nick Roupas

Hubbard Lake



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